It’s already written in the drums baby!…

26 February 2013 ·

It’s been a long time! Just a little something in the raw Hip Hop / Boom Bap Instrumental category for you guys. Have a listen and let us know what you think!

19 July 2012 ·

Addition to our springtime weekly beat giveaway… Week 3. Another mellow, slower feel instrumental. Boom-bap sprinkled with some runs up and down the keys. Feel free to download / share / enjoy as an available mp3 download.

If you would like to be added to the weekly giveaways, shoot us an email here at so you can be the first to have a fresh beat each week. : )

16 April 2012 ·

"Blue Chips" Mixtape x Action Bronson x Party Supplies

Blue Chips Mixtape CoverFresh mixtape released by Action Bronson and Party Supplies. Enjoy!

18 March 2012 ·

Fresh instrumental created for a mixtape collaboration between myself and a Cleveland, OH-based artist. Critique / compliments / etc., is greatly appreciated as always!

15 February 2012 ·

Breakfast Cereal Beats EP!

These are some of my ‘first batch’ beats that I cooked up, would be great for MC’s to rhyme over / freestyle with. These are intended to be used as simple beats for a mixtape or independent project. Reach out to me with any questions at leviskratch@gmail.comBreakfast Cereal Beats EP

9 February 2012 ·

Fresh boom-bap beat! ^

6 February 2012 ·

Fresh cut Hip Hop instrumental. Has a newer style feel to it in my opinion…. As always feedback good, and bad is welcome and appreciated! Hit me up @

19 January 2012 ·

Ryan Leslie creating ‘5 Minute Freshen Up’ in studio, and giving a fan the chance of a lifetime! Love to see him giving back to make that girls day!

18 January 2012 ·

New music! ^

12 January 2012 ·

Who Am I?

Pinch hitter when the destination is left field.

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