It’s been a long time! Just a little something in the raw Hip Hop / Boom Bap Instrumental category for you guys. Have a listen and let us know what you think!

19 July 2012 ·

Breakfast Cereal Beats EP!

These are some of my ‘first batch’ beats that I cooked up, would be great for MC’s to rhyme over / freestyle with. These are intended to be used as simple beats for a mixtape or independent project. Reach out to me with any questions at leviskratch@gmail.comBreakfast Cereal Beats EP

9 February 2012 ·

Fresh boom-bap beat! ^

6 February 2012 ·

New music! ^

12 January 2012 ·

New music! A beat made for Godless Youth Mixtape (Twitter: @GodlessYouth) Listen / Download ->

22 December 2011 ·

New music! ^

8 December 2011 ·

New beat available for purchase… ‘New-school’ feel, staying simple… Comments / Questions / Love / Hate = shoot me an email @, hope you enjoy! : )

19 October 2011 ·

Simple, stripped-down instrumental…

28 July 2011 ·

Who Am I?

Pinch hitter when the destination is left field.

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